What Is Inside Very Vital & Important
Seals, Bearings, Shafts.

The right quality seal used with high alumina ceramic seal face of unitized seal. Spindle bearing and ball & tapper roller bearing are of reputed company are used with correct desing & as per bearing size tolerance.

Shaft are Made from quality steel heat treated and porperly ground.

Assembly and Impellers

Components are made of closed grain C.I. casting, brass or aluminium pressure die cast & passed through different machining operations in house with proper jigs and fixtures are used to ensure precision & are inspected as per the drawing specifications & all parts of water pump are assembled considering different pump dimensions.

Impellers of correct desing is important for cooling of engine and proper flow.


Other items like gasket, oil seals, grease cup & nut-bolt are of genuine quality to avoid premature failure of any small components.

Moving parts of Water Pump assemblies as pulley and impellers are dynamically balanced to avoid uneven load on bearing & seal during running.

Water Pump assemblies are tested by hydraulic pressure for leakage.

Our product have assured total interchangeability withing existing applications.

Full and knowledgeable technical and sales supports.


Water Pump Items